Pastor Ken Reports – November 28, 2019

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!
    His faithful love endures forever.
Cry out, “Save us, O God of our salvation!
    Gather and rescue us from among the nations,
so we can thank your holy name
    and rejoice and praise you.”
1 Chronicles 16:34-35 (NLT)
I hope you are having a very happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving became an official United States holiday in 1863. Does anything strike you as odd about that date? You are correct, that is right in the middle of the Civil War. While Abraham Lincoln receives the credit for making Thanksgiving a national holiday, it is a woman, Sarah Josepha Hale, who deserves the credit for vigorously advocating for the creation of Thanksgiving as a national holiday. To read more about Hale’s story click here.
Hale and Lincoln hoped that the creation of the holiday would “heal the wounds of the nation.” They hoped this because both believed that thankfulness is a powerful force for healing and change. I pray your circumstances are not as grim as Lincoln’s were when he instituted this national holiday. However, if life is difficult finding reasons to give thanks may just be what you need. If everything is going perfect, you definitely need to take some time to give thanks to God for the smooth sailing you are experiencing in this time period.
One thing we all can be thankful for as Christians is the hope of heaven. That hope tells us that no matter what happens here on earth a better day is coming. That will be the subject of this week’s sermon. It is the final sermon in our 9-part series on the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church where we have discovered that ever belief is centered on Jesus. This week’s sermon is entitled, “Our Beautiful Hope.”
Here are the fundamental beliefs we will be covering:
On December 7th Madison Campus will be having a church renovation fundraising celebration out at Paradise Ranch. This is an adult event. Child care will be provided at the Ridgetop SDA Church Gymnasium (102 King Street, Ridgetop, TN). The 8th grade class will be providing a Pancake and Pajama party with movie, games and dinner for a small donation that will go toward the 8th grade class. Please RSVP now, by clicking this sentence, for this event that will be full of music and fun.
This will be part of our final push to reach our goal of 2.5 million dollars for the renovation. At the end of December, whatever has been donated and/or pledged will be what we have to accomplish the renovations. Here’s a look at our priorities and the costs associated with them.
American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Improvements
  • “Push to Assist” at 1 door each at the Larkin Springs entrance, Hospital Drive entrance, and lower entrance
  • Replace door knobs with levers
  • Add ramp in Larkin Springs entrance
  • Add handicapped parking signage
  • Create lower level ADA compliant restroom out of storage closet
  • Make main foyer family restroom ADA accessible
  • Add ADA signage at ADA accessible restrooms
Cost: $167,242
First Priority (Not including ADA improvements)
  • New paint (Sanctuary, vestibules, and all hallways)
  • New carpet (Sanctuary, vestibules, and all hallways)
  • New pews
  • Improve sound, AV lighting, and projection in sanctuary
  • Upgrade cameras and online streaming capabilities of church services
  • Remote control shades for sanctuary windows (replace current trash bags)
  • Improved safety features in children’s Sabbath school classrooms
Cost: $1,132,472
Second Priority
  • Add an exterior door and vestibule to sanctuary for emergency egress as well as a new corridor that provides access to the sanctuary from the corridor outside the adult Sabbath classrooms.
  • Extend stage wall-to-wall, change overhang profile, and install wheel chair lift
  • Renovate adult Sabbath school classrooms (carpet & paint)
  • Renovate lower kitchen
  • Wheel chair storage in vestibules
  • New kiosk in Larkin Springs vestibule
  • Renovate church offices (carpet & paint)
  • Renovate Schlisner (Fellowship) Hall (paint, carpet, blinds)
  • Nursery (carpet & paint)
  • Renovate back of stage and choir room (carpet, paint, casework)
  • Renovate children’s classrooms (carpet, paint, casework)
  • New welcome desk in the hospital drive foyer and children’s lower level entrance
  • Renovate the overflow room (carpet and paint)
  • Renovate the youth Sabbath classrooms (carpet, paint, casework, white boards, remove closets)
  • Renovate the multi purpose room (new carpet and paint)
  • Renovate the cradle roll room (new carpet, paint, blinds, partition drywall wall)
Cost: $939,152
Total: $2,238,866
Please remember that you can make a one time donation or you can make a pledge that can be donated over the next three years. Pledge forms can be found on the foyer kiosks and may be turned in with the offering or handed to our church treasurer, Wayne Mosher, or any of the pastors.
Mission WOW!
(Win Of the Week)
It’s hard to know what food, toiletries, music, a devotional and prayer mean to someone who is homeless if you have never been homeless. For me, the moment was captured as I looked up after our closing prayer and watched a homeless man in a wheel chair brush away tears from his eyes.
Last Sabbath many Madison Campus members joined with members from other Seventh-day Adventist Churches around Nashville as part of an Imagine Nashville initiative to serve the homeless at the Church Street Park in Nashville. Hundreds of sacks lunches were distributed and care packages filled with socks, toothpaste, and other essentials were also given to the homeless. A concert and devotional message were also given to close the afternoon.
Many of the homeless requested our church members pray with them and we had the privilege of listening to many of their stories. I am so proud that Madison Campus is meeting its mission to love God, love people, and serve the world as it engages with the Imagine Nashville initiative.
CHURCH RENOVATION CELEBRATION AND FUNDRAISER: On December 7th Madison Campus will be having a church renovation fundraising celebration out at Paradise Ranch. This is an adult event. Child care will be provided at the Ridgetop SDA Church Gymnasium (102 King Street, Ridgetop, TN). The 8th grade class will be providing a Pancake and Pajama party with movie, games and dinner for a small donation that will go toward the 8th grade class. Please RSVP now, by clicking this sentence, for this event that will be full of music and fun.
SECOND READING PRE-NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Bill Ross, Marilyn VanOrder, Sara Miller, Cindy Boskind, Myrna Closser, & Abner Fuentes
Alternates: Charlie Cecil, Terry Whitaker, & Christa Demaree
CELEBRATION OF LIFE: There will be a Celebration of Life Service here at Madison Campus December 15, 1 p.m. for Howard Sutton who passed away November 19th. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Alzheimer’s Association or to your favorite charity. Please keep Esther and the Sutton family in your prayers.
WINTER COATS NEEDED: The 403 Center desperately needs coats. Donate new or gently used coats today and help those who need a coat to stay warm this winter. Donations can be dropped off at the 403 Center.
BABBYSITTER NEEDED: A family at Madison Campus is seeking childcare for their infant daughter on weekdays during business hours. They are flexible with the childcare happening in their home or the home of the babysitter. They are willing to pay $15/hr. If you are interested please contact the Madison Campus office ( or 615-866-4776) and your information will be passed on to the family.
ANGEL TREE: It’s that time of year again and our church is joining hands with Prison Fellowship in their Angel Tree program! This program assists inmates in giving their children a better Christmas than they might otherwise have. On the Sabbaths of November 30 and December 7 we will have an Angel Tree in our foyer where you can come and pick up the information on the Angel of your choice. If you would like to participate in our telephone brigade or if you would like to reserve a specific number of Angels you may contact Gigi at (615) 945-8055. If you are interested in helping deliver the gifts during the week of December 8 – 14 please contact Pastor Nacho at (615) 430-2729.
ALL CHURCH POTLUCK: Our final all-church potluck of 2019 will be December 14, as our Christmas brunch (8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.). There will be sign up sheets in the lobbies for food to bring.
CHRISTMAS EVE PROGRAM: Come celebrate the true Reason for the season with members of your church family. The tenth annual candlelight Christmas Eve program will be held in the sanctuary at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 24. Come sing beloved Christmas carols and hear the Christmas story read from Scripture. Hope to see you there! If you are interested in performing a musical number for the program, please contact Don or Debbie Morgan by December 19th at
CHRISTMAS CONCERT: The Light of Christmas Concert at 5 p.m. on December 21, here in the Sanctuary.
MTSU ACF VESPERS:  Madison Campus Church is supporting the Adventist Christian Fellowship chapter at MTSU, and will be promoting their events in case any current or future MTSU students would like to be involved! On Friday, Dec. 6, they will be having their final vespers of the semester. If you are a potential MTSU student and would like to attend, please contact Pastor Chelsea at
HOMESCHOOL AT MADISON FARM: Homeschool Tuesdays at The Madison Farm on the first Tuesday of the month.
Story time starts at 9:00 am followed by:
– see what’s growing at the farm
– get dirty at the farm (dig, plant, weed, build with us!)
– parent collaboration with the farmers for curriculum application
– $3/school-aged child
For more information visit
“THE POWER OF PRAYER”: These words are so familiar, yet sometimes we forget what they mean. Prayer help us find strength for today and hope for the future. Prayer is not a thing to be taken lightly or to be used infrequently.
The quality of your spiritual life will be in direct proportion to the quality of your prayer life. Prayer changes things, and it changes you. Today, instead of turning things over in your mind, turn them over to God in prayer. Instead of worrying about your next decision, ask God to lead the way. Pray constantly about things great and small.  God is listening, and He wants to hear from you now.
“The intense prayer of the righteous is very powerful. ” – James 5:16
Let’s experience together The Power of Prayer Wednesdays at 6 PM in Room 109.
LADIES’ BIBLE STUDY: “His Word Alive” is an inductive Bible study on the book of John. It is held Friday mornings at 9:30 am in Pastor Julie’s office. Sign up by calling Pastor Julie at 615-969-1287.
OPPORTUNITIES AT MADISON ACADEMY LAUNDRY: Allegiant Linen Service/Madison Academy Laundry is looking for:
  • A Driver (non CDL). Applicant must have a clean driving record, be hardworking, reliable and customer service-oriented.
  • A Maintenance/Mechanic for Linen Service Company. This position requires a wide verity of mechanical skills. Pay is dependent on skills and experience.
Please contact Jerry Mangrum (615-868-4646) for more info regarding these positions and/or to schedule an interview.
Women’s Ministry team invites all our ladies ages 18-99+ to a Staycation one night retreat at Embassy Suites here in Nashville!! (You know you need it!!)
Be inspired to love and trust Jesus more by listening to June Price. Let your heartstrings resonate with Misty Freeman’s sweet melodies. Reconnect with your friends and sisters in Christ!
Event is happening Friday night and Sabbath February 28 and 29, 2020.
Register by clicking here.
Must Register AND reserve a room by the cutoff date:  January 29, 2020 12:00 AM.
403 COMMUNITY SERVICES: Colder temperatures are here! Time to break out the coats! Speaking of coats…the 403 Center is in need of men’s, women’s and children’s coats as well as warm blankets. The chill in the air can be difficult to handle without a warm coat or blanket. Thank you for remembering the 403 and those who receive assistance there, in your prayers.
BAGS OF LOVE: There are tags on the Christmas Tree in front of the Bags of Love display with items listed that are needed to fill the bags. Please help this ministry by taking a tag and bringing items you are donating to the baskets by the Christmas Tree.
CARE MINISTRY: The CARE ministry sends out cards to congratulate, appreciate, reach out and encourage.  Let us know in what way we can best serve you.  Please provide name, address, and situation. If you are interested/passionate and called by God to join this card ministry, please let us know. Inform by email or text Glendyle Levinskas 865-306-7455
MOBILE TEXT ALERTS: Please sign up for our Mobile Alerts. CLICK HERE and sign up for the alerts you would like to receive.
Tithe & Offering
Tithe is the 10% of our increase that we give to God to support His work in this world. These monies are used to pay pastors, evangelists, chaplains, Bible workers, and missionaries. It also pays for the salaries of those who provide support for those people and for expenses that help support evangelism. We are behind where we were last year at this time in our tithe giving. Through the end of September, Madison Campus has returned $1,430,798.64 compared to last year’s $1,625,342.93.
Monies donated to church budget are to be given in addition to tithe. Our church budget funds ministry in our community such as Madison Campus Elementary, Madison Academy, Pathfinders, Adventurers, our annual Block Party, our music ministries, Adventist Community Services (the 403 Center), Bags of Love, Celebrate Recovery, and Adventist literature that can be distributed. It also pays for the upkeep and utilities for our church facility and our church administrator. Thank you for your generosity that has put our budget ahead of where we were at this time last year and helps us do ministry and keep our church open.
Church Budget Received 11/23: $ 4,129
Month to Date: $28,935
Needed Monthly: $53,200
To return tithe or give offerings click on the button below or use the tithe envelopes in back of the church pews.
Pastor Ken‘s Contact Information
Office Phone: (615) 866-4776
Office Hours: By appointment
Remember to love God, love people, and serve the world this week!

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