Pastor Ken Reports – January 31, 2020

From one man he created all the nations throughout the whole earth. He decided beforehand when they should rise and fall, and he determined their boundaries.“His purpose was for the nations to seek after God and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him—though he is not far from any one of us.
Acts 17:26-27 (NLT)

When I graduated from high school, my uncle gave me a card and wrote in it, “never forget where you came from.” My guess is that living in the mountains of Virginia, in a culture far different from the one I was raised in, he wanted to remind me that my roots mattered and weren’t something to be forgotten or looked down on. He wanted me to remember that the past influences the present and when the past is lost sight of, mistakes are repeated and hard earned victories must be won all over again.

The Bible plainly explains to us that all humanity is equal in God eyes. We all descend from one husband and wife who were created in the image of God. Only together do we form the complete body of Christ. Sadly, all too often, through the epochs of history humanity has found ways of invalidating, marginalizing, and oppressing other humans created in the image of God who look different, speak a different language, or belong to a different social class. This is not the kingdom of God, it is the kingdom of sinful man.

I think it is important not to ignore Black History Month or give it a quick mention and move on. I think it is vital to celebrate it. It is a chance to celebrate and be reminded that God loves diversity. It is a chance to hear perspectives that we may not often hear, and in so doing have our knowledge of God expanded and enriched. It is a chance for those who are of African descent–who in American history have been abused, dehumanized, and ignored–to today be affirmed, validated, and celebrated for the great achievements and contributions made by black men and women. It is a chance to remember where we came from so that we can be reminded of where God is wanting to take us.


Kicking off our Black History Month celebration is Dr. Hyveth Williams. Dr. Williams’ sermon title for our 8:50 am first service is “Reformation vs. Re-Formation” and her sermon title for our 11:20 am second service is “The Dream is Deferred.” Dr. Williams will also be speaking at Madison Campus in the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference’s Lead Like Jesus leadership training Sabbath afternoon from 2:30 to 5 pm and Sunday from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm. The event and training is free and lunch will be provided on Sunday. For more information and to register CLICK HERE.

Dr. Williams served for thirteen-and-a-half years as senior pastor of Campus Hill Church in Loma Linda, California. She is the first black female pastor and the first female senior pastor in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. Prior to her appointment as professor in 2009, she also served as an adjunct professor of religion on the Loma Linda University Faculty of Religion and Andrews University Theological Seminary.

Dr. Williams’ influence is profoundly felt around the world by countless participants who have been healed through her ministry. She has touched the lives of millions through her books, preaching and groundbreaking counseling and widely applauded television series A Painted World: Portraits of Illusions and Reality. Her spiritual journey entitled Damascus Road: Hyveth Williams’ Conversion Story is televised regularly on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network).

After second service there will be an all-church potluck. Please, please, please bring enough food to feed your family and guests. Because we are expecting a number of guests we will need a lot of extra food to make sure everyone gets enough to eat.

The Big Game, some might even call it super, featuring Kansas City vs. San Francisco is this Sunday, February 2. We will be having a viewing party in the youth room. Doors open at 4 pm and the game begins at 5:30 pm. Please bring drinks and snacks and the church will provide pizza. Feel free to invite your friends and co-workers to come as well.

NEW TREES! We have beautiful new trees in the fellowship hall that were donated by a generous member. When using the fellowship hall, please do not move the trees without permission of the decorating committee who will have someone move them if needed. They are heavy and in ceramic pots that will need to be padded when moved. They are not to be removed from the fellowship hall for use in other areas of the church. Also any other floral arrangements or trees in other areas of the church are not to be moved without permission. Thank you for your cooperation as this will help to keep them looking nice.

NAOMI’S FELLOWSHIP: Naomi’s fellowship will meet February 16, at 2 p.m. in the down stairs fellowship hall.

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY OFFERING ~ Last Sabbath it was the Offering, however, he Southern Union’s Religious Liberty Campaign runs from January to March. Religious freedom can’t be taken for granted. Prayerfully consider what you want to give towards your Religious Liberty Offering, there are bonds on the kiosks.

INTERCESSORY PRAYER IS POWERFUL! “Prayer makes a difference. When we pray, God answers. When we pray, the Holy Spirit is poured out. When we pray, God gives us wisdom and power. When we seek His face, earnestly interceding for others, the angels of heaven come in response to our prayers to bring light, truth, healing and protection.” (Prayer makes a difference, p. 7)

NEW LOCATION: Prayer Meeting on Wednesday nights will now meet in the small kitchen downstairs fellowship hall at 6 p.m.

REGENERATE: Southern Union is sponsoring Regenerate at Boulevard SDA Feb. 14 & 15. On Sabbath a potluck lunch will be held at MCC. The meetings are February 14, 7:00 p.m. and February 15, 9:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Speakers: Tom Evans, Outreach Ministries Director for Oregon Conference, Tim Taylor, Associate Outreach Ministries for Oregon Conference, Errol McLean, Associate professor of Church Growth & Evangelism for North American Division, Ralph Ringer, Director of Church Growth, Evangelism Training and Jewish Ministries for Southern Union, Elder Olin McGraw from Georgia, Lay Pastoral Assistance and public evangelism.

COLLEGE AGE SABBATH SCHOOL: If you are aged 18-25 please join us in Adulting 101 every Sabbath where we explore life issues or just talk about things going on in your life. Call Mary Ann Monroe if you are interested or have any questions. (615) 479-1657

THRIVING THROUGH READING: If you want to add fun, fellowship and accountability to your reading goals consider this: a ladies book club to meet on a weekday. Call Pastor Julie with your time spot of availability for a 1 hour gathering.

ADVENTIST CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP AT MTSU: Join us for fellowship, food and fun at Middle Tennessee State University every Friday, 7pm at the Student Union building room 221 January 24 to May 1.
MCC Ladies Staycation Retreat 2020
LADIES STAYCATION RETREAT: Women’s Ministry team invites all our ladies ages 18-99+ to a Staycation one night retreat at Embassy Suites here in Nashville!! (You know you need it!!) Be inspired to love and trust Jesus more by listening to June Price. Let your heartstrings resonate with Misty Freeman’s sweet melodies. Reconnect with your friends and sisters in Christ! The event is happening Friday night and Sabbath, February 28, and 29, 2020. Register at:

Women’s Staycation Retreat Update (February 28-29): The deadline for reserving a room at Embassy Suites at our special rate has passed, but don’t be discouraged if you still want to attend! The hotel will attempt to honor that rate if they have availability although it won’t be guaranteed. REMEMBER that you can also come for Friday night and Sabbath ($80) without staying at the hotel, or come for Sabbath only ($50). Go to under Women’s ministries to register. A BIG Thank you to all those who have sponsored others to come! What a special gift. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Colder temperatures are here! Time to break out the coats! Speaking of coats…the 403 Center is in need of men’s, women’s and children’s coats as well as warm blankets. The chill in the air can be difficult to handle without a warm coat or blanket. Thank you for remembering the 403 and those who receive assistance there, in your prayers. Happy Sabbath!

GLOW IN THE DARK VOLLEYBALL: MCE Gymnasium February 8, registration begins 6 pm, playing begins 6:30 pm, $10/player, 6 person team with at least 2 female players. Don’t forget to wear fluorescent colors! Concessions Available: Veggie Street Tocos, Street Corn & Salsa Bar, Quesadilla, Deserts & Drinks

MA CAMPUS VISIT DAY: Tuesday, February 25, 8:40 am – 2:30 pm. Come experience Madison Academy. Tour Campus, meet current students, observe seven core characteristics in action, eat pizza, experience campus culture.
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm Get Acquainted dinner. Learn how affordable it is to invest in Christian education, see the difference Madison makes, enjoy an Olive Garden meal on us!

EVANGELISM BOOT CAMP: February 7-9, 2020 at ICC – Ralph Ringer, SU Director of Church Growth, and Kieth Noll, Ministerial Director of KY-TN Conference will be trainers and hosts. You will learn how to: Win Friends for Christ, Preach Dynamic Evangelistic Sermons, Use Computer Generated Graphics, Make Effective Calls and Do Soul Wining Visits. Remember God has a special assignment for you, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15. Ask your Pastor or Head Elder for a Registration Form (for more details and to register) today, and plan to attend this dynamic weekend! Registration deadline is January 27, 2020.

PRAYING FOR YOUR HUSBAND: Women’s Ministries is holding “Praying for Your Husband” on February 23, at the KYTN Conference Office.

IMAGINE U: July 19, Nashville First Hispanic Church, 501 Brewer Dr., Nashville. Come help serve the community. Dental, Vision, health screening, haircuts and more. Register at

HIGHLAND ACADEMY CLASS 2021: Volleyball tournament. Bring your team 4 individuals (with at least 2 females) Feb. 15, 6 pm $20/player Raphan Ley Auditorium. Questions Lilly 410-599-7774 or Anita 519-2127


Church Budget Received 1/25 $ 5,896
Month to Date: $31,050
Needed Monthly: $53,900
Renovation: $1,268,000
Worthy Student Funds needed each school year: $32,000 Received to date: $17,983


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Office Hours: By appointment
Remember to love God, love people, and serve the world this week!

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