Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Madison Campus Madison, TN


Prayer Ministry

Prayer is often spoken of as the breath of the spiritual life, bible-study as food and witnessing as exercise.  Just as our physical life will not last more than a few minutes without our being able to breath in that all-important oxygen, so too we will find our Spiritual life lifeless without regular time spent in prayer.

The devilish attack on Pastor Lynn and our Church Family over this past year has awakened within many of us a renewed sense of our need for a more consistent prayer life.  The Madison Campus Family is a large and varied group of individuals representing every level of spiritual growth and maturity.  Those differences fade, however, as we focus on building a stronger, more consistent prayer life.  In this effort we face the same challenges as the rest of our family.  Our fast-paced life with its many demands can press us on to that next "good" thing we must do, and keep us from the so essential spiritual breathing that, without which, we cannot survive!  Sometimes it may seem feel as if we are all alone in our spiritual struggle.  Even with three pastors, we may not  feel we can take a chunk of their time to focus just on us.  Perhaps we don't even want to admit what our true spiritual condition really is.  But, God already knows our every secret - and loves us with a love that will not fail!

Join your Church Family in prayer on a daily basis.  Know that as you begin your day in prayer for your church, your pastor and your soul - you do not pray alone.  Many of your fellow family members are at that very moment talking to God about those very issues.  Do you feel spiritually weak?  Know that this family has many prayer warriors that are lifting you up in their prayers.  Has the Devil sent one of his imps especially to torment you this day?  Take a moment to join your Church Family in prayer, and share your need in one of the many avenues available.  As we bear one another's burdens, as we unite together in prayer - we can only grow stronger, healthier and more secure in the bosom of our Savior.