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Canoe run on Harpeth River

et another good time was had by all. There were about a dozen of us that braved the Harpeth, well actually we didn't really brave anything. The Harpeth is a pretty calm river. We did have a good time though. No one tipped, but a few went swimming. We stopped and had lunch about half way down, then carried on, and before we knew it, we were at the end. Two hours of fun sure can go fast. We had such a good time and it went so fast, we might do the four hour leg next time.
If slow moving rivers aren't your thing and you'd like some more adventure, plan to join us on the Nantahala.

Weekend; February 6 - 8, 2009

For the second year in a row, our singles group went winter-cabin camping at Rock Island State Park.  We had picked a perfect weekend with perfect temperatures in the high 60s and sunshine.  Friday night we gathered for supper (soup and wonderful cornbread) and then a vespers to start the Sabbath.  After a wonderful breakfast, we started celebrating Sabbath with Songservice and Iris led out in the Sabbath School lesson.  Then we went outside, hiking down the hill to Center Hill Lake to skip stones, watch some waterfalls, watch the wildlife to come back hungry for some lasagne.  After lunch a group went hiking while others chose to stay by the cabins to nap, talk and fellowship.  We also were blessed by a sermon on DVD from Tony Guglio that Sue had brought along to watch.  In the evening we had another wonderful meal of Tommy's famous burgers which are a "must" on our camp-outs.  Then we had the choice of watching the "Gifted Hands' Movie, and playing games til late at night.  Sunday was our last day together and after a great breakfast we packed up everything and went back home.  A great time was had by all. As soon as pictures become available, we will post them.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A group of us are going to watch Monarch butterflies being hatched on this afternoon and I thought if there was anyone else interested in that, email me back and I will give you more info. A lady in Goodlettsville helps increase the species population by taking the eggs the butterflies lay and cares for them through the metamorphosisand you see them come out of the chrysalis right before your eyes. It is an intriguing presentation and makes you marvel again at the
works of God. We give her $4 each to help with her expenses.
Plans are to meet at the G'vlle Baskin Robbins on Long Hollow for ice cream first at 3pm and then caravan to her house.
Email Glenda if you want more info. 

White Water Rafting Trip
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May 9 & 10. 2008:  God is good! We just returned from a
beautiful weekend at Defeated Creek Campground with the Singles group and I can’t help but extend my appreciation and thankfulness to the all the people: Glenda who organized all the details (reserving the camping spot, making the menu, going grocery shopping and everything that goes with it); Sue and Joan who helped with the grocery shopping, Iris and others who arrived early to put up the tents; Mark, who brought the firewood and created some amazing fire-art with the driftwood pieces from the Buffalo River and for bringing his canoes; Art, for teaching the Sabbath School lesson, Tommy, for making wonderful veggie burgers on Sat. evening; Alyssa who was always willing to help;  Sue, for taking pictures; Kelvin for being there and always helping out with everything; Janice for the wonderful cake with yummy chocolate icing; Joan, for remembering the “mothers” in our group; and for our “Sabbath day only visitors”: Bonnie, who also was our weather update person after she left Sabbath evening; Todd and Eddy who added flavor, Shirley, Keith who also brought more canoes, Terri whose smile and sense of humor is priceless! It was a special treat to have several newbies come and join us and we are so glad you did as your presence and input added to our group and increased the blessings: Alyssa, Bonnie, Shelly, Mark, Eddy and Todd. We hope you keep coming back!

 April 19, 2008:  For those of you who missed last Sabbath, after cleaning up from a great potluck, we made a couple shut in visits (it is a rewarding experience for all parties concerned), and then had a wonderful Vespers, thanks to Art, who shared with us his mission trip experience to Chile a couple of months ago.  After a lite supper, we launched into some animated group games and had a great time.

The weekend of February 20-22, 2008 was our winter camp-out weekend at
Rock IslandState Park by Smithville, Tennessee.  Even though it was a bit cold and moist, we still had a great time exploring the area (dam, hiking trails, the lake and visiting nearby Burgess Fall) and just fellowshipping in the cabins we were staying at.  The time went by quickly as we had worship and sang together, ate many good meals (you should try some of our scrumptious cooking even when we are out camping!!) and played games and puzzles until late at night.   We are now planning a tent camp-out for May 2008.  Please check back with us for more details!




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