Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Madison Campus Madison, TN


Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
March 14 - God in Shoes
                  A one-day community outreach sponsored by KY-TN WM Dept.
                  Any women interested in volunteering at area women's shelters, please contact
                  Gail McKenzie or Deborah Jones at 615-859-1391 or email
                  You can also participate by donating items for care bags to be distributed. See list
                  at the kiosks, church office and WM website.

March 27 - WM International Day of Prayer
                 Prayer Breakfast time and location to come

May 9        "Mothers and Others" Banquet  9:30-11:30am
                   What we need:
                    1.  Husbands willing to cook breakfast
                    2.  Decorating - set up
                    3.  Program
                    4.  Greeters
                    5.  Order flowers
                    6.  Clean-up
                    7.  Judges to judge Love Letters for my Mom

June 12       WM Emphasis Day
                    What we need:
                     1.  One person from each of the ministries to speak 1 min on their ministry and 
                     what they do in the community.
                     2.  Coordinator for WM plaques to be passed out that Sabbath

Sept 17 - 19 Young Women's Retreat at Indian Creek Camp

Sept 24 - 26  1st Weekend Women's Retreat at ICC

October 1-3  2nd Weekend Women's Retreat at ICC

December 4  Shop-til-you drop
                     Fundraiser for Madison Campus WM
                     Details to come