Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Madison Campus Madison, TN


iPhone App

To many Adventists, even members of the Madison Campus church in Madison Tennessee, May 19 probably came and went without much fanfare. But, what happened that day has changed the impact of the Madison Campus church in a huge way. What happened on May 19? That was the first day that the Madison Campus iPhone app first appeared in the iTunes store.   With a mere $2,000 investment folks around the world could connect with the church family in Madison directly from their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The first local Seventh-day Adventist church expanded their sphere of influence into the personal, digital world where folks aren’t tethered to the computer at home or work. But, would it matter, would anyone respond?
When our church placed the app on iTunes, our live internet stream was being viewed by about 50 viewers each week, with more coming to watch the archived service later. Our application has been available for just a little over three months and to date, we have had 581 downloads from the iTunes store. In fact, the report for the past week demonstrates the very steady growth of 23 downloads that this app has enjoyed. How many church plants could expect to grow by 20 – 30 each week? We can only praise God for this exciting growth!
You may not have thought about it, but Apple sells their products world-wide, and so iTunes is available to folks in every country around the globe. As you might expect, the bulk of downloads for our app come from major English speaking countries. However it might interest you to know that we now have downloads in many corners of the world where, until now, we could only have an impact through mission offerings! Think of folks in places like Korea, Mexico, Brazil, and Singapore with the possibility of connecting to our church service by simply pulling out their phone! What an impact we can have with the music, our children’s time, and especially the spoken word presented by our Pastors!
As our church began over a century ago, James White had a burning desire to share this message. And so, he purchased a used printing press and printed a few tracts. Ellen White wrote how she saw them “like the leaves of autumn” before Christ returned. I wonder, in her visions of end times did she see local churches in the Kentucky-Tennessee conference reaching out and impacting folks weekly in places like Qatar, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Austria, the United Arab Emirates, and Thailand? Did she see the impact we would have on the world?  Did she see that children's time you did, or the praise music you helped with?  Did she hear that heart-felt prayer you prayed, or that drama you participated in?

Like ripples in the pond from the rock thrown without much consideration, so the things we do as we participate in worship here at Madison Campus, have ever broadening affects both near and far!