Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Madison Campus Madison, TN


Class A Uniform

Class A Uniform

Patch Placement
Black shoes, black socks, suntan shirt (short sleeve), and black pants or skirt, black belt with Pathfinder buckle, sash, yellow Pathfinder scarf with Pathfinder slide, full insignia in proper places.
Shoes should be black athletic-type (tennis) shoes or dress shoes. (No heels, sandals, wedges, open-toes or flip-flops)
Socks – If wearing a skirt or culottes, all socks in a club should be at the same length. (nylons acceptable for services in a church only, club decision)
Pants - dress-type slacks, plain; No jeans or cargo pants. No spandex, low-waist, or Capri’s. NO shiny material, NO studs or rhinestones. Culottes are permitted at the proper length. Both girls & boys are permitted to wear pants. 
Skirts – A-line, straight or culotte, with a length in the knee area, plain; NO short skirts, NO ankle-length, mini or maxi, spandex, long slits, low waist (hip-hugger). NO shiny material. 


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