Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Madison Campus Madison, TN


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Reference Manuals
System 7SC
This is the switcher/scaler that controls what device's output is sent to the screens onstage in the sanctuary.
This is the video scan converter that takes the signal from the System 7SC and converts it into a video signal for use with our video mixing.
This is the video mixing solution that we use to mix video and audio into a finished product.  This equipment handles our Livestream connection and records up to 8 inputs live for use in post production.
This is the transmitter and receiver pairs that we use to send the signal from the Media Center to the projectors and stage video monitors in the sanctuary over CAT5.
Matrix 50
This is the matrix switcher that we use to control the output of 8 sources to 8 locations throughout the building.
This is our main lightboard console.
This is the projectors in the sanctuary.
Series Five
This is the Front of House sound mixing console.
Onyx 80
This is the Record Mix sound mixing console.
This is the reverb/effects unit for Front of House
This is the CD Player for Front of House.
Network Manuals
Meraki 12 & 16
Our Access Points around the church
Meraki 24
Our Access point for the Sanctuary
Meraki MX70
This is our security device