The person on Recording Mix should arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 Sabbath morning. They will work closely with the people on Church Sound and Support to get all microphones, monitors and other needs connected on stage. They should refer to the checklist above for further information.


  • Turn on mixing board at the power supply on the floor
  • Turn on the hearing impaired device to the right of the mixing board
  • Turn on the MD and Tape machines
  • Coordinate channels needed and patch same on the mixing board
  • Check Mic levels as needed
  • Get a Tape from the Video Control room
  • Record complete service on Mini Disk (may need to switch to mono for sermon)
  • Record sermon on tape


  • Send the sermon tape to the sound booth
  • Turn off all equipment (Recording machines, mixing board & hearing impaired unit)
  • Assist the person on Church Sound to secure the equipment.