The person on Front of House should arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 Sabbath morning. They will work closely with the people on Recording Mix and Support to get all microphones, monitors and other needs connected on stage. The following checklist may prove useful:


  • Connect equipment on stage noting the numbers at the box
  • Patch at the junction box for the snake as required
  • Turn on equipment at the surge strip
  • Mic check to set gain and EQ
  • Set monitor levels as needed (always have pulpit and other talking mics on monitor “C” for general hearing on stage)
  • Check batteries in all lapels to be used, replace as necessary
  • Coordinate channels used on Church Sound Board with person on Recording Mix
  • Start background music playing between 9:00 and 9:15 and continue until 9:30


  • Turn off sound equipment at the surge strip
  • Unplug all monitors
  • Work with the person on Recording Mix to secure the equipment.