The person on Media Shout should arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 on Sabbath morning. They will want to have most of the announcements portion of the Media Shout program already finished. These will run in a loop until Sabbath School begins on both the screens and monitors. Once Sabbath School begins in the main sanctuary, the stage screens will be blanked out while the announcement loop will continue on the monitors (which includes the monitors in the foyer). They will work with the Praise Team, Voice Choir and Platform Chairman to add any new cues into Media Shout prior to the start of Sabbath School. They will also contact the scheduled speaker to learn if there are any special needs for the service.

Following the service the announcement loop should remain running on the monitors until most people have left the sanctuary. The following checklist may prove useful:


  • Turn computer monitor, foyer monitors, stage monitors and projectors on
  • Check video equipment is on and correctly feeding the switcher
  • Turn on your personal video monitor


  • Check to insure the projectors, and all monitors are off