We want to welcome you to the first local Seventh-day Adventist Church iPhone app! Our app will help to keep members connected and introduce visitors to the special family that we know Madison Campus to be.

If you are looking for a church home, we invite you to step from the virtual into the real and connect with us in person. From our app you can view sermon archived videos, donate through our secure online site, join members in prayer from the prayer request module, or simply scan through announcements and articles.

As you use this app, we would appreciate your input on how your experience here could be improved. This app will be regularly updated, so if there are things that would bring added blessings to your life and increase the impact this app has on your life, please use this link to email me, daniel@adventpoint.com.

You are invited to expand your virtual worship experience by visiting our web site, www.madisoncampus.org. We hope you find a spiritual connection with us through every contact you make. The Madison Campus church family is always looking for new members to grow our fellowship!

In the app store you might also be interested in the Sabbath School and GC Session apps. Search for both “adventist” and “sda” to find more apps designed to enhance your everyday spriritual life!