Adult Sabbath Schools

Escuela Sabática Hispana

  • Facilitator: Dino Vega
  • Room 107
  • Class is composed for people from all Latin-America who love each other like family and share openly what they have learned from the S.S. quarterly.
  • Clase compuesta por gente de toda Latinoamérica quienes se aman como family y donde todos tienen igual oportunidad de compartir lo que han aprendido de la lección de Escuela Sabática
  • Lively discussion across cultures

Open Circle

  • Facilitator: Don Erickson
  • Room 108

Sharing a Closer Walk

  • Facilitators: Jeff Fisher, Don Harvey
  • Room 109
  • Our Sabbath School is a round table discussion of the quarterly. Together we aim to gain a closer walk with Jesus

Who Cares

  • Facilitators: Denny Carter, George Carpenter
  • Room 110
  • A warm and welcoming who care about people. Through our study of the Sabbath School quarterly we aim to share our love for God and People together.

Open Door

  • Facilitator: Bernard DeVasher
  • Room 113
  • We Follow quarterly each Sabbath. This class is a combination of lecture and discussion.

We Care

  • Facilitator: David Bell
  • Room 114
  • Small group discussion centered on the quarterly. We are a small


  • Facilitator: Randy Herman
  • Room 121
  • We aim to study the Sabbath School quarterly using the Bible, Spirit of Prophet Notes, and discussion questions.

Romanian Class

  • Facilitator: Daniel Gramada
  • Sanctuary
  • Our class studies the Romanian Sabbath School quarterly. Whether you’re Romanian or not you are welcomed to be a part of us.

Parents Fellowship

  • Leader: Jim Eby
  • Room 10 (downstairs Adventurer room)
  • Round table discussion of the quarterly. Various members take turns teaching/leading the discussion. This class is for parents who drop off their children in the children’s division classes.

In Step 

  • Facilitator: John Boskind
  • Room B-05 (downstairs fellowship room)
  • Our aim is to live “In Step” with the Spirit (Gal 5:25). Each Sabbath our facilitators guide an engaging discussion around the lessons taught in the Sabbath School quarterly. 

Digging Deeper

  • School of Anesthesia
  • Facilitators: Angel Bermudez, Debbie Rose
  • Through our study of the Sabbath school quarterly we aim to dig deeper into Bible truths

Compass – Young Adults

  • Facilitator: Ignacio Silverio
  • Schlisner Hall 3
  • Compass is the Young Adult Ministry of MCC for those between ages 18-35. Our class alternates between in depth scripture studies and reading current Christian/SDA books. If you want lots of conversation and discussion this class if for you! Join our Facebook Group: Compass (Madison Young Adults)

180 Crew (Youth)

  • Facilitator: Chelsea Inglish
  • This class is aimed for teens in high school. We cover Biblical themes in a  practical and applicable way, incorporating music and fellowship into our worship experience. We also offer activities and service opportunities for teens through our Youth Group, called the 180 Crew. See Youth Pastor for more information.