Caring Connection was formed in June 2006 to be a pilot program as result of a grant provided through the Social Work Department of Southern Adventist University.

The goal of the donor: “To determine the effectiveness and viability of a program whereby a large church could assist in the development of a standard for such programs to be used in the future by the denomination, developing guide lines for the role and promotion of this discipline in the assistant pastor role for the conference or larger church.” The donor requires the program be led by a Social Work Professional with Masters Degree. The Church Social Worker should be equipped to address social issues from a Christian perspective while becoming an asset in the ministry to church staff, members and others seeking help.

Caring Connection Pastor/Director Julie Vega provides counseling services, provides pastoral visits to individuals identified as needing comfort and nurture. She has become known as a resource finder for community members and the congregation of Madison Campus Church. She has continued to develop a data base of referral agencies and personnel and is available to refer individuals in need. She continues to assess the community and congregation needs in order to generate dialog about the perceptions of needs.

Several programs have been established:

  • Adopt a Grandparent
  • It’s My Very Own
  • English Without Boundaries
  • Vespers at Cumberland Towers
  • Birthdays for Forgotten People
  • Celebrate Recovery