Madison Campus Church Youth Group, also known as the 180 Crew, seeks to love God, love people and serve the world!  One of the ways in which we show our love to God is through our Sabbath School worship services, held in the youth room every Sabbath from 10:10 am to 11:10 am.  We love people by creating opportunities for fellowship, such as monthly vespers programs and seasonal activities (like a trip to Holiday World or a Predators Game).  We serve the world through various projects, such as serving breakfast at our Adventist Community Services Center (pictured above) and providing food/school supplies/entertainment for the community at MCC’s annual Block Party.  All youth (grades 9-12) are invited to participate in any of these opportunities.  See the church calendar for upcoming events!

However, due to COVID-19, we are learning to experience community and church in a new way--online!  Since we can't meet together at this time, we're going to have a Zoom meeting instead:

Youth Zoom Sabbath School is at 10am on Nov 28.

Links will be sent to youth via email for each event.  If you are a youth (grade 9-12) or the parent of a youth, and do not already receive email updates from Pastor Chelsea, then please email to receive these links.


Communication Policy/Permission Slip

Zoom Permission Slip

If you are unable to participate, we invite you to visit the North American Division Youth Sabbath School page for weekly lessons:

Youth Sabbath School

NAD Youth FB page

Another AMAZING resource is an app called The Chosen... it offers free episodes of a film portrayal of the life of Jesus, and is a personal favorite of Pastor Chelsea.

Also, an amazing resource for young women is the Gorgeous 2 God website, a Godly and confidential question and answer forum/blog.

If you are a youth or parent of a youth and have any questions, please email Pastor Chelsea at